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婚姻英语作文 篇1

  On-campus Marriage

  There is a heated discussion these days since Chinese on-campus students are legally allowed to get married before they complete their courses. Some people applaud this new development while others have expressed their concern about this.

  On the one hand, college students will inevitably have less time and energy for their academic life because married students have more realistic problems to deal with than those unmarried ones. On the other hand, a number of students do have a desire for an ideal marriage. They are old enough to take the responsibility and if they handle it well, marriage can bring them happiness and a sense of security.

  In my opinion, it is unnecessary to forbid on-campus students to get married; however, it shouldn't be advocated or encouraged, either. The reason is that, for on-campus students, their main task is to acquire knowledge. If they get married, the family chores might distract them from studying, thus they may not graduate favorably or may not be capable of future works. I believe almost all on-campus students would deal with the question reasonably. (180 words)

婚姻英语作文 篇2

  When it comes to later marriage, people’s opinions vary enormously. We know that as a graduate student, later marriage would be a problem for us after we graduated, especially girls.

  Our attitude towards later marriage becomes gradually rational and mature. We know that love is not just holding hands and walking down the street, Marriage is how Love can make people become altruistic. From my perspective, it is immaturity that leads to this phenomenon. Firstly young adults are not financially prepared to hasten into marriage. The economic burden will likely put a strain onto the couple's relationship, leading possibly to breaches, or worse, separation. Secondly young adults have not attained the level of maturity to raise children. They are often unaware of the responsibilities and sacrifices that one needs to make in order to start a family of one's own. Thirdly statistics are good indicators for the instability and short life spans of premature marriages. Only Only in this way can we embrace a happy and brilliant future.

婚姻英语作文 篇3

  is getting married one of the keys to a happy life? a 20xx report from the pew research center suggests so—43 percent of married women and men reported being “very happy,” while only 24 percent of unmarried men and women said the same.

  interestingly enough, the happy halo that shines over married couples isn't the result of having kids—those with children were just as likely to be happy as those without.rather, there seems to be something about marriage itself that boosts both men's and women's feelings of well—being in life.

  “recent research suggests that people become less depressed and less lonely after they get married,” says linda waite, a sociology professor at the university of chicago and author of the case for marriage.after all, it's harder to be lonely when you've got a loved one to come home to every night.according to waite, men benefit even more than women from having a life-long companion. “women will talk to everyone,” says waite, “but most men tend to rely on their wives as their main confidant.”in addition, women-typically the social planners in a relationship—ensure that the men stay connected to family and friends, another source of happiness.

  and what about all that nagging that wives are so famous for? turns out it pays off. men who are married drink less, smoke less, eat better, get more sleep, and engage in less risky behavior than their unmarried peers. the end result: married men are healthier, and since health is linked to happiness, they're happier too.

婚姻英语作文 篇4

  Life is full of confusing and disordering Particular time, a particular location, Do the arranged thing of ten million time in the brain, Step by step , the life is hard to avoid delicacy and stiffness No enthusiasm forever, No unexpected happening of surprising and pleasing So, only silently ask myself in mind Next happiness, when will come?

  人生的纷纷扰扰,杂杂乱乱, 在一个特定的时间,特定的地点, 做脑海中安排了千万遍的`事, 一步一骤,人生难免精致,却也死板, 永远没有激情,没有意料之外的惊喜。 于是,也只有在心里默默地问: 下一班幸福,几点开?

  When our family relationship, friendship, love and personal relationship became four cups different thick and Subtle tea, At push a cup to change, always have absentminded hesitation: Which on earth cup that is supposed to be first degusted in the best taste time ,which final cup ? Then the different person always have a different choice. Big customs under of the small customs is always not allowed, stick to a final twist, always wish to obtain an additional happiness

  当我们的亲情、友情、爱情和私情变成了四杯浓淡不一的茶, 在推杯换盏间,总有恍惚的迟疑: 究竟哪一杯该在味道最好的时候先品,哪一杯该排到最后呢? 然后不同的人总有不同的选择。 大世俗下的小世俗总是不被允许, 坚持到最后,总会获得一份额外的幸福。

  Dark light, just light each other. The responsibility that you and my shoulders take together, the such as one dust covers up. Afraid only afraid the light is suddenly put out in theendless dark night and Countless loneliness

  暗黄的灯光,仅仅也只能照射过彼此。 你、我肩上共同担当的责任,犹如一片灰尘遮掩。 怕只怕灯丝的突然熄灭在这无尽的黑夜.数不尽的孤单

  Always insisting. Use iron scoop is too cold; Use porcelain scoop is too weak; A wood scoop, engraved veins safely, engraved sky’s wasteland and glebe’s old. Just as happiness born in the years, not insolent, the every act and move blooms quietly

  一直坚持着。用铁勺太冰冷;用瓷勺又太脆弱; 一只只木勺,刻出了纹理安然,刻出了天荒地老。 一如岁月中隐忍着的幸福,不张狂,举手投足间悄然绽放

  Hope is always more expect, engrave a bone is a fat lot looked Clear can touch, just don t know where end is. Can not find to come to the road of hour, just because of eying foot too very carefully.

  希望总是多过盼望,刻骨而又络络可见, 清晰可触,只是不知道终结在哪儿。 找不到来时的路,只是因为太小心翼翼的注视脚下。

  Then the wandering soul wild crane stands still the memory river Listen to whistle play tightly ring slowly, Water rises a ship to go medium long things of the past. Wait for a ship’s person Wait for one and other, But hesitate always should ascend which ship Missed Had to consign the hope to next time, Finally what to wait for until has no boats and ships to come and go, Sunset west .

  再孤魂野鹤的伫立记忆河头, 听着哨子的紧奏慢响, 水涨船行中的悠悠往事。 等船的人儿, 等了一班又一班, 却始终犹豫着该登哪一只。 错过的, 只好把希望寄托到了下一回, 终究等到的是没有船只的过往, 日落西头 。

  Six words really talk to solve each round to return to bitterness. Heart of lotus opens, body side of genial breezes walks. Constantly, only one pond water. Ripple but have no language, guarded happiness of this pond. This is from cradle to the grave one a life time

  六字真言解每一个轮回苦。 心头荷花开,身畔暖风走。 不变的,只有那一池水。 荡漾而无语,守住了这一池的幸福。 这就是一生一世

  Happiness is so much simple, on your center of palm, a match a hand can grasp; Happiness is also very difficult, before your heel, A thousand mountains and rivers but blunder away because of Doing not turn a head

  幸福好简单,就在你手心上,一合手就能握住; 幸福又好难,就在你脚跟前, 千山万水却因没有转头而错失

  Never believe, next will be better, Blunder away, never repair return of regret. Even met the god of shining in a dream, Never ask: "Next happiness, when will come?"

  千万不要相信,下一个会更好, 错失了,就是补不回的遗憾。 即使在梦中,遇见了那熠熠的神明, 也永远不要问:“下一班幸福,几点开 ?"

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